About Us

Incorporated in 1935 as a partnership firm, Hooseini Metal Rolling Mill has been involved in the Non-Ferrous Metal Markets in India for four generations. The firm has continued to operate as a Private Limited entity since 1956.


The company traces its roots to the precious and non-ferrous metals trading activities of its founder, the late Sheikh Gulamally Shamsuddin Tambawala. A man of great judgement, integrity and vision, he was instrumental in the founding of the Metal Exchange Association in 1933 and served as its founding President.

PHOTO-2018-10-13-23-29-50He was succeeded at the helm by Sheikh Abdulhusein Gulamally Tambawala who guided the firm through the era of Indian Independence and the country’s subsequent experiments with a¬†centrally planned economy. A beloved man, he played an important role in the 1948 merger of the Metal Exchange Association and the Metal Traders’ Association to form what is presently the Bombay Metal Exchange Ltd., an apex body of Non-Ferrous Metals Trade and Industry in India.

Third and Fourth generations; Sheikh Taher Tambawala and his son Mufaddal Tambawala have expanded the business to include Woodall India Pvt. Ltd.

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