Lead Anodes


Lead ingots are processed in our in-house furnace along with desired alloys and are tailor-made depending on requirements of the Companies. Copper Hanger Bars are coated with highly specialized tin and covered with lead coats which are then welded with the respective sheets known as Lead Anodes or Lead Cathodes.

Technical Details

Chemical Composition

Anodes are made using application specific Lead alloys or as per our customer’s specifications and have included:

  • Antimony-Lead
  • Calcium-Tin-Alloy


Also Tellurium Alloys are used and as per our customer’s specific requirements and tank-house configurations.


The finished product is wrapped in corrugated sheets. 20 -25 anodes are packed together in wooden pallets with thick thermocol in between each Anode to prevent the individual anodes from bending.


    • Lead Anodes: Electrowinning plants for the primary production of Copper, Zinc and Cobalt.
    • Lead Cathodes: Used in the Anodizing Industry.
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